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Finally A Performance Duration Enhancer
Pill Proven To Really Work!

A blockbuster new human clinical study on premature or "rapid ejaculation" has identified and isolated a natural compound combination shown to dramatically increase a man's ability to control and delay his ejaculation while skyrocketing sexual pleasure! It's unique molecular profile allows it to safely manipulate SSRI receptors in your brain enabling you to delay ejaculation significantly.   In addition to improving ejaculation in 94% of men, this compound also recorded a huge 317% increase in sexual pleasure of men tested! 

This new compound is was developed and first sold in Holland and it is taking the world by storm! It was just approved for sale in America under the trade name Dapovar.  Men of all ages are raving about how well it works. I offer a special opportunity to men of all ages who would like to increase the duration of their sexual experience without resorting to man-made prescription drugs or chemicals, and without resorting to the ineffective and unpleasant "delay creams" of years gone past. Davpovar truly is a revolutionary breakthrough in sexual performance enhancement.

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